Start of the Commission process, showing the setting part of the ring and an ingot of Gold ,all this gold is from the clients own old Jewellery and is being remodeled into a new Emerald/Diamond ring.

Three pieces of the Gold wire from photo one starting to form the shank of the ring and a larger ingot of gold from the clients Emerald pendant.

The Ingot rolled out into flat Gold sheet ready to start making the leaves which will surround the Emerald in the new mount.

Early assembly of the ring showing some soldering taking place.

Part finished mount before final settings and polishing etc.

The finished ring ,which was quite spectacular due to the size of the center stone,a stunning Emerald surrounded by Diamonds also recovered from the clients old Jewellery.

Another view of the completed Commission hand made in 18ct Gold, design by Quo Vadis Jewellery.