Autumn leaves 2

The two set and finished leaves from our earlier post. A beautiful brace of Brooches.

Autumn Leaves

Two Top quality carved Agate leaf brooches in their early stages ie setting of gemstones and Diamonds down the center bar of gold still to take place,they will be ready for their first showing at our Brooklands fair in Surrey this August.

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An upcoming large Tourmaline ring ,the Tourmaline for this ring is quite unusual and a bit of a cracker,beautiful colouring.

Stacker ring Commisions

Early stages of 4 stacker style rings commissioned by a client,these are all made from the clients own old jewellery ,ie melted down and rolled out to make some rings and settings. The later pics in the post show the stones just resting on top of the settings before being set properly.


Workshop stuff

Here we have a few workshop photo"s a bit different and some alternative views to what you see on the main site ,a bit of a behind the scenes thing.

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Our first blog what we have been up to is building this website how long has it taken? weeks as a complete novice and not something that comes naturally its what it is for now.