Sarah Leighton-Chapman and Eddie Chapman make up Quo Vadis Jewellery. 

Lincoln and Cumberland make up the rest of the team... a pair of sausage dogs that pretty much rule the workshop and maybe the world!

Sarah has more then 20 years experience in the jewellery industry (gulp). Her passion for..... well, more of an obsession with gemstones, is apparent throughout the designs we make, Sarah is predominantly self taught and always learning, she cut her jewellery making teeth at the start within a jewellery factory, learning all the basic skills needed to move forward in her own career, having always been interested in gemstones and jewellery from a very young age, Sarah knew that designing and making jewellery would feature as an adult, and having recently discovered wax carving, something Sarah has a newfound joy for, she is adding another angle to the Quo Vadis brand and continually moving forward.

Eddie Chapman is a talented jeweller diamond mounter and model maker, having been involved within the jewellery trade from the age of Fifteen (louder gulp)! he is a second generation jeweller following the footsteps of his father, Eddie has developed his own style and learned to work outside the box in a artistic and clever way...... this comes in especially handy when Sarah burst's through the workshop door with another hair brained idea that she just must have.....happens more then you think!!

Everything you see here including the Website is designed and made by Quo Vadis. All Jewellery is made in their workshop in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter UK, all of the work is made as a one off piece's using traditional skills and techniques, we sometimes will even make use of more modern methods where appropriate, but none of the jewellery is made using cad cam. We take pride in what we produce and always strive to make the pieces as good as they can be, so if you like quality jewellery made by hand and made in the UK then some of our jewellery maybe of interest to you.

Quo Vadis specialises in commission and remodeling work We are always happy to turn your "unloved" into "WOW love it now" wearable new jewels. There is often a que but its always worth the wait, always enquire as we can accommodate most emergencies!!!.



Opal and Diamond pendant